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Let Compassionate Callers be the peace of mind you are looking for when trying to live your life, ensure safety for your loved ones, and know that we are just a call away with any answers you may have!

Available services

Personal Daily Calls

Personal daily calls are what Compassionate Callers are all about! Compassion Callers will be able to call your loved one 1-5 times a day depending on the care plan that is created during the phone assessment. During this call, our Compassion Callers will get to know your loved ones, find out how they are doing and if any of their care needs have changed since last speaking. This is a great way for someone else, a Compassion Caller, to be in touch with your loved ones as you continue to live a busy life and give you the peace of mind you deserve. 

Special Needs Check-In Call

A person with special needs who are living alone will still want to keep their independence while their loved ones will want to know they are home safe and that is where Compassionate Callers enter the picture. Special Needs Check-In calls will be run the exact same as the personal daily calls. Compassion Callers can call 1-5 times a day and get to know your loved ones via the phone.

Conversation Check-In Calls

For the client that likes to talk and could use more than 1-3 minute conversation, there are conversation check-in calls. This is the same idea that a Compassion Caller will call your loved ones between 1-5 a day, however, these phone calls will last longer than a personal daily call. This phone call can be anywhere from 3-7 minutes and the Compassion Caller and your loved one can really get to know each other. 

Individual Sign Up

If you are a person who lives alone or with any of your furry friends and can see the benefit of Compassionate Callers, we want to get you signed up. Depending on the phone assessment we would work the same and determine if you would need 1-5 calls per day. This is to ensure your safety while you may be working from home and not in contact with another person every day. Keep yourself and your animals safe by using us as a daily check-in. 

Automated Daily Phone Calls

Automated Daily Phone Calls will be coming soon. 

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