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What is Compassionate Caller’s daily check-in and why is it so important?

When a loved one, whether a parent, grandparent or single person is living alone, you want to ensure they are safe and secure in their home without you reaching out to “check” up on them. Having a Compassionate Caller calls your loved one 1, 2, 3 or up to 5 times a day will be able to give you peace of mind knowing that that they are safe as well as allow you to live your life without any interruptions.

If any elderly person, an autistic person, or a single person living with their pet is living alone, where ever they call home, and their family wants to make sure that they are in their home morning, noon or night we Compassionate Callers can step in and make those phone calls for you.

This is an excellent way for your loved one to have someone else to speak to, get to know, and feel comfortable sharing their day with. It will also make them feel as if they have your complete trust and that you do not need to call them every day unless desired. Compassionate Caller is the perfect service to have loved ones stay with loved ones while using phone callers to make sure they feel safe and secure day or night.

Just like any person and their different needs we can have a personalized care plan drawn up and decide what would be best for the loved one. This can be a once-a-day phone call all the way to up to 5 times a day for check-ins. This would have to be determined by the initial phone call to Compassionate Callers and what needs the loved one will need.

Another tremendous benefit to Compassion Callers is that if the loved one does not pick up after we have tried them twice, we will contact the first emergency contact that is on the care plan. When Compassion Callers and the emergency contact are speaking they can decide to move forward in a few ways, and one of those ways would be to have the local police do a wellness check.

While Compassion Callers calls will make the entire care team feel some peace of mind, this will also increase the mood of the client as they know they can speak to a human and feel they are not so alone. A friendship like this can grow so naturally and beautifully as the client begins to trust and look forward to their daily phone calls.

Why would a Compassion Caller be a benefit over a family member calling our loved one?

To have a Compassion Caller call the loved ones would benefit not only the client, but their family too. This can take a lot of pressure and stress off the care team to make sure that one person has spoken to them each day. While Compassion Callers are not replacing the family touch, we are giving you all the much needed rest you deserve by saying we will do the check- ins, you just care and love them.

What can getting calls from Compassion Callers do for the lonely who live alone?

Loneliness is the distressing feeling of being alone or separated and as people age they begin to feel this more and more. We want to keep this feeling at bay which can stem from changing health conditions, hearing loss, death of peers, memory loss amongst other factors that can trigger that feeling. Having a compassion caller call your loved one at the minimum at once a week will reignite their feeling of purpose, happiness, feeling wanted as well as other emotions that they have been lacking in their lives for a while.

Why would a person who has autism but is high functioning and lives alone want this service set up from one of their parents or loved ones?

While a person who has autism, lives alone and is high functioning and keeps a job want a service such as this? The main reason for Compassion Callers for a situation like this is so that the parents of said autist adult does not feel like they are annoying their child with their daily concern if they are home safe and secure at night. Having a Compassion Caller make the calls for the parents can give the autistic adult even more of a sense of freedom as it is not their parents doing the checking in.

Can a client change their plan to add in more (or less) phone calls depending on how they are feeling?

Yes, once a package is chosen for your loved one, you can always change the package option as well as how often (up to 5) they receive phone calls from Compassionate Callers per day. A true friendship can be formed between your loved one and the Compassionate Caller by speaking on a regular basis.

Why Compassion Callers?

Compassion Callers is a service that takes your loved ones emotions, loneliness health and safety extremely seriously. While this is a phone call, we are much more than that. We are a way to start, encourage during the day and end your loved ones night but connecting with them, finding out how they are doing, getting to know them and asking questions that can start an engaging and heart warming conversation that will make them feel happy, more secure and not so lonely, while allowing the loved ones to know that if they weren’t home safely Compassion Callers would be getting in touch with them ASAP.

Is Compassionate Callers A Good Financial Care Option?

With the raising care costs throughout the United States of America, having Compassionate Callers as part of your loved ones’ care plan can save up to thousands per month. There are 3 different package options that you can choose from that will give your loved ones a sense of safety and security, keep costs down, and still allow you to live your life to the fullest.

What happens if a client does not pick up after two tries?

While there can be a lot of factors as to why a client may not pick up on the first try a Compassion Caller calls, we will always make sure to wait three minutes and try again. If the second time we try there is no pick up we will be able to call the clients emergency contacts and discuss what next step options are at that time.

How does it work with virtual errands such as grocery delivery and transportation set up?

At Compassionate Callers, not only will we be able to call your loved one up to 5 times a day, but we can also have grocery delivery, meal services, and transportation set up with the package that you choose with us. A weekly list can be made for both the grocery list and meal services and changed just as easily if anyone wants to add or remove any food they may be craving. For transportation services, this will be done through a service that can pick up, drop off and do the same when it is time to return home from the appointment or errand. Compassionate Callers will just need the information 24-48 hours ahead of time to make the reservation and account for any cancellations or changes.

What is the significance of the monthly activity kit?

The significance of the monthly activity kit is a great way to give your loved ones something to do, something to look forward to, and a new & different way to get their mind thinking. Taking the time out to do the activity that Compassionate Callers send will give your loved one a fun new activity that they can look forward to and use their brain in a way they may not have in a while.