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A Company Dedicated To Care

With Compassion And Empowerment

Compassionate Callers is the new, innovative, and economical way to ensure that your loved one is home safe and secure when appropriate. Compassionate Callers is a trustworthy company that can call your loved ones up to 5 times a day, ensure they get their groceries delivered to them, and see to it that they make it to their appointments on time. All of these services are done virtually so Compassionate Callers is happy to help people near and far. Daily conversations, for people of any age, can make anyone feel less alone, less frightened, and happy to have the human connection they may have been missing.

Let Compassionate Callers Take One Thing off YOUR To-Do List

While you want to ensure the safety and security of your loved ones, we know that it is a lot to make sure the calls are made daily, if not a few times per day. Let Compassionate Callers be the ones that can step-in, make the phone calls, up to 5 per day, and create a connection with someone who is needing it more than ever. This is not to replace you as the primary caller or have any guilt put on you, in fact, this is ta way to take that guilt off and make sure that your loved one is cared for with your busy life.

How Did Compassionate Callers Start?

The safety of anyone, age is not a discriminator for this service, is extremely important to Bina, the CEO of Compassionate Callers. The Compassionate Callers service comes not only from caring for your loved ones but from a personal place with Bina’s family at the core. Bina’s father lived in a memory-care facility at a very young age and while Bina was able to visit and call it was not always easy. She had a toddler and a newborn, worked full time, had a working husband, and wanted to make sure that everyone was taken care of due to her experience she knew that there was a puzzle piece missing in the world of care services. Her answer to this missing piece is Compassionate Callers and knows that it can take the overwhelming feeling of “life” and give you some time to breathe!

More On the Missing Piece

It was very clear to Bina that there had to be a solution for everyone trying to figure out how to care for their aging loved ones, autistic adult children, people who live alone or anyone feeling lonely and out of touch. While there are of course some great options in the market such as non-medical caregivers who come from home care agencies, that is not a financial option for many people. Facilities or communities are other great options that are available to all, but once again not financially feasible for everyone. Enter in Compassionate Callers, the economical way to confirm that your loved ones are safe at home where they should be!

Who do we help?

The elderly, any autistic or person with special needs people, adults who live alone with their animals, people in college who do not always want to hear from their parents or guardians.

Where will this take place?

No need to go far. Anywhere that your loved one calls home.

When are we available?

We’re flexible. Whenever the family of the loved one has determined would be the best time to reach out, this can be once, three times up to five times a day to connect and check on said loved one.

Compassionate Caller is a Phone Call Service Plus so Much More

Compassionate Callers is a phone call service that allows your loved ones to know that you care, while you are not able to call yourself.

On top of calling your loved ones up to 5 times a day, Compassionate Callers can make sure that groceries are delivered, meals services are dropped off and transportation is set up. Besides economically making sure that your loved ones are called and virtual errands are completed, Compassionate Callers also offers monthly activity kits to make the time pass quickly and in a fun way!

Why do we do it?

Take the pressure off.

Everyone is busy, cares for their loved ones, and wants to do what is right but can find it hard with the limited hours in the day. Compassionate Callers will allow people to continue working, raising their children, and enjoying life at a very cost-friendly price. Since every client of Compassionate Callers will receive a full assessment from our trained care coordinators, the family can rest assured that if they do not hear from Compassionate Callers then their person is home safe and secure! This gives the family member back some freedom, free-time, and peace of mind knowing they can continue living their life to the fullest!

How does it work?

Let’s get started!

Compassionate Callers is a month-to-month contract that you have with us and can choose from three different packages to make sure that your loved one is being cared for in the best possible way! Take a step back as the caregiver and allow Compassionate Callers to jump in and give you the support that you and your family are looking for!

Reach out to us to find out more today!