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Dedicated compassionate callers bring reassurance with kindness and care.

“Compassionate Callers has brought reassurance to my family. Gramma loves getting calls from her “friends” and we love the care that they show her and our family.”

Ginny T. – Glendale, AZ

A Company Dedicated To Care – With Compassion And Empowerment

Compassionate Callers (CC) is the new, updated, and economical way to ensure that your loved one is home safe and secure when appropriate. CC is a trustworthy company that can call and/or text your loved one of any age to find out how they are doing and if they feel safe at home alone and secure where they are at that time of day. Compassionate Callers will call anyone at any age that you believe needs a quick hello or even a conversation to get a person to feel less alone.

At CC we can take one To-Do off of your plate by checking in with your elderly parent, an adult child that lives alone, a friend that shares a space with just a furry roommate, and any other situation that you have been thinking (worrying) about. Keeping the loved one at any age living in the place they call home and using Compassionate Callers allows you to save money and ensure their safety at the same time. CC has competitive monthly call and/or text plans that give you the chance to continue on your day and have your loved one make a new friend through this process.

History & Experience

How did we start? The safety of anyone, age is not a discriminator for this service, is very important to Bina, and comes from a personal place. My husband’s Grandma, who I am lucky enough to call Grandma myself, is a 99-year-old woman who lives independently. She needed this service and so began the idea of Compassionate Callers and how to keep Grandma safe, as well as all of your loved ones too! As a gerontologist, Bina, the Compassionate Callers owner, is always looking for ways to better improve the lives of the elderly and others.

Since her work as a care coordinator, it has come to her attention that there was a need missing for all that live alone. As many people know who have loved ones with complex care, it is not always easy or financially accessible to get caregivers into the home or move to a community that is best suited for them. Compassionate Callers is the economic answer to make sure that your loved ones are home safe every morning, afternoon, and night. With each new client, there will be an assessment to determine how many phone calls will be needed per day and that number can always be adjusted. At Compassionate Callers, we want to make sure that every client and their families know that being at home SAFELY is our number one priority. 

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